Massimo Rivola






After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Bologna, Massimo Rivola began his career in Formula 1 in 1998 in Minardi’s marketing office in Faenza, In 2000 he became director of sponsorship for the team and, two years later was promoted to marketing manager, In 2003 Massimo Rivola was appointed vice-team manager for Minardi and the following year he assumed the role of sporting director, He held this position until 2008 when he moved from Minardi to Red Bull Racing which later changed its name to Scuderia Toro Rosso STR, In 2009 his dream of working for Ferrari came true when he took over from Stefano Domenicali as sporting director after the latter was promoted to Team Principal, Since 2011 Massimo Rivola has been President of the Scuderia Ferrari Club; his initial three-year mandate was unanimously renewed in 2014 in recognition of his achievements on behalf of the Clubs, Under his presidency the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs have undergone a radical transformation that has substantially increased membership numbers, almost doubling these with Clubs now located in 20 different nations worldwide,

In 2016 after 18 consecutive years in F1 inspired by a desire to pursue new professional challenges – and in light of the excellent results of the reorganisation of the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs – with the full support of the company he decided to take temporary leave of the pit wall to relaunch the Driver Academy,

The goal of this latest project is, of course, to produce new F1 champion, by encouraging up-and-coming drivers to embrace the day-to-day challenges they face with enthusiasm always striving to do more and better, The focus is also on loyalty and altruism with emerging stars of the track channelling all their commitment and determination into achieving their goals, nurturing their aspirations and making healthy choices, Having shone the spotlight on the talents of various very young future World Champions, including Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso the time has now come to grow the World Champion of tomorrow within the team,

And even after the very first season, the results have been quick to come, with the victory of Monaco-native Charles Leclerc in the GP3 championship, The forecast for 2017 is also looking bright with Leclerc and Antonio Fuoco in F2 some of the best talents out there, The goal clearly is for Prema to bring another world title home to Maranello,
Another key player in the reorganisation of the Clubs Mauro Apicella, will also be part of the team that will accompany him in this new adventure, Although still incredibly young, this is Apicella’s 12th year with Ferrari,

Mauro Apicella





Apicella has been incredibly passionate about Ferrari since he was a small boy and even succeeded in convincing his parents to take him to watch several GPs before he turned 10,

Indeed Apicella decided to turn his passion and dream into his profession at a very young age, Having gained a diploma in accountancy he moved to Milan at the age of 18 where he studied Marketing and Communications at the IULM University, He spent his final year of university in Madrid (Spain) as part of the Erasmus programme, and on his return to Italy it fell upon him to choose the subject for his degree thesis, Having become more determined than ever to achieve his childhood dream Apicella decided to base his thesis on Ferrari communications, With a view to researching this field to the highest possible standard, he contacted Ferrari and was offered an internship in the company’s Communications Department, Apicella officially began his internship with Ferrari in December 2005,

Apicella graduated with honours from the IULM University in March 2006, and accepted Ferrari’s offer to continue their working relationship. In November 2006, he was offered a contract with the Ferrari Owners Club Italia, an exclusive club for Ferrari customers. In the years that followed, he held a variety of different posts, rising to a managerial position at the beginning of 2008.

When Ferrari decided to reorganise the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs in 2011 (eventually handing over responsibility for the latter to the GES Racing Division in 2012), Apicella was appointed Head of SFC, In the space of five years the number of active clubs and affiliates has almost doubled, As of 2016 he has been working with Massimo Rivola on the exciting new challenge of reorganising the Ferrari Driver Academy,

Since 2017 he has also been assisted by Francesca Orlandi, a home-grown Maranello talent who has been with the company for nearly 2 decades holding various positions in the GT area and subsequently in the field of Sports Management,

Adamo Vella






Vella, like all has been passionate about Ferrari since he could remember, Having the Australian GP in Adelaide his parents to took him to most races until the departure of the race in 95,


As like most Adelaideians he vowed never to attend another GP in Australia since the race was stolen and taken to Melbourne, However after a 10 year grudge Vella finally gave in and attend his first race in 2005, This race was the beginning of a journey that would take Vella all the way to the creation of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide,

After the race on Sunday Vella sparked up a conversation with one of the Ferrari Mechanics who was pulling down the pit box wall, From that conversation a long-term friendship was formed and the network of friends started to grow, 

In 2011, Vella came across the opportunity to start the First ever SFC in Australia however due to poor timing it wasn't for another 3 years until the opportunity became real, Then in 2014 Vella made the official request to bring Scuderia Ferrari Club to Australia,


2015 was year known as "The Road To Maranello" all new clubs must travel to Maranello the home of Ferrari to sign the official documents to hold the "Rights" to be called Scuderia Ferrari Club, This was a monumental achievement not only for Vella but for Adelaide's Ferrari Community,

On the 3rd of March 2016 in the Ristorante Cavallino the Official documents were signed to hold the Rights to the name Scuderia Ferrari Club and so the Adelaide division was born, 


is a not-for-profit consortium company founded in 2006 by Ferrari S,p,A to coordinate the activities of the Scuderia’s many Tifosi which had formed clubs around the world,


Today, the company has over 190 officially recognised Clubs in 14 nations, An incredible mix of different nationalities, cultures and lifestyles yet all united by one enduring passion: Ferrari,


When somebody joins one of our OFFICIAL CLUBS the Tifosi become part of a huge extended family which, under the prestigious emblem of the Prancing Horse allows them to avail of exclusive services and opportunities such as taking part in Passion Days which bring together fans with the Formula 1 drivers and team, Factory Tours of the Maranello facility, access to reserved grandstands at the Italian Grand Prix Monza, entry to the Ferrari Museums in both Modena and Maranello and complimentary access to the online community at www,ferrari,com which provides live news updates about company life and sporting activities,


Today the SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUB’s structure and organisation means that pitlane life is no longer just something our members experience through TV or as ordinary spectators in the grandstands: it has become a reality they can share with other Tifosi and Enthusiasts,


All members of Official Ferrari Passion Clubs receive a series of unique gifts designed for “Genuine Tifosi”: a personal MEMBERSHIP CARD personalised lanyard and other exclusive collector’s items, That aside, they became part of the extended Ferrari family and receive significant discounts on purchases in the Ferrari Stores and when shopping online at www,ferraristore,com, However the many and varied Prancing Horse-related benefits of membership don’t stop there, All are also a reward for the unceasing and irreplaceable contribution made by the PASSION AND SUPPORT the TIFOSI give to the TEAM and COMPANY,


Scuderia Ferrari Club Management Since 2006, has been privileged to have been presided over and guided by leading lights of the Maranello company, The first was former Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Stefano Domenicali who then passed the baton to Ferrari Museums Director Antonio Ghini, The current President is Scuderia Ferrari Sporting Director Massimo Rivola who has been flanked since 2012 by Chief Operating Officer Mauro Apicella.

Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide which was established in 2016 shares the same passion with the rest of the SFC world,

As an official Scuderia Ferrari Club you have the ability to walk the Ferrari factory floor, stand in the grandstand at the Italian GP, and gain entry to the Australian Formula One Paddock (when permitted) plus you get to share your Ferrari passion with other Tifosi in Adelaide, Become a member today and see why this is Adelaide's No,1 Club,