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The Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide Tipping Championship is a tipping event that is supported and endorsed by

Scuderia Ferrari Club


​The Tipping Championship is a fun and interactive feature; designed to allow all members of Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide to interact with the each other, no matter where they located in the world.


The aim of the is to guess the finishing positions for 5 out of 7 places. Every correct driver placing that is picked by a member  will see them earn points resulting in the winner to be crowned the tipping champion.

The finishing positions for each race are the same every round: First, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh.  The correct Fastest Lap is also rewarded as a bonus point.

Members can join in at any time during the season.  There is no money involved in this series so its safe for kids to participate as well.  If you are not a member Click Here to join 

Tipping Champion
Jamie Le Mura

Tipping Champion
Oliver Aquasanta

Tipping Champion
Joe Nero & Chris Larocca

Tipping Champion
Brooke Vella

2017 - 2018 - 2019
Tipping Champion
Jamie Le Mura

Tipping Champion
John Sicuro

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