• Adam Vella

Ferrari still faster the Red Bull says Vettel

As the dust settles from that was created by the two Mercedes drivers who crashed out in dramatic style on Sundays Spanish Grand Prix Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is still confident that Ferrari are ahead of Red Bull.

Vettel explained that their lack to fight for the race win came down to the poor starting position obtained from Saturdays qualifying.

"We were as competitive as expected here with the exception of Saturday," Vettel said during in-season testing in Spain. "On Sunday we were in the ball park but we just struggled to get past. Once we got past – which was not many times in the race – we showed that we were quicker. "If we get Saturday right then they [Red Bull] shouldn't be too much of a threat. "Of course they've kept improving, so did we, but I think it's clear that Saturday didn't go as well as what we thought and what we hoped. "If we had qualified a bit higher up then it could have been a different race but would, could, should." Vettel is believing that Ferrari can challenge for its first victory of the year in Monaco but accepts Mercedes will still be favorites. "There is the chance," he said. "Obviously we are not in the best position now, we're not the favorites going to Monaco -- the favorites have to remain Mercedes. "But we will try very hard and if there's a chance to win we'll try to win. Our first step towards the potential championship is the race in Monaco, and that's how we take it."

The Formula One circus is now holding its first in season testing and will then head to Monaco 27th – 29th of May

Source: GPUpdate, ESPNF1

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari