• Adam Vella

Vettel to drop 5 grid places for Sunday's race

Sebastian Vettel will take a five-place grid penalty at the Russian Grand Prix after being forced to switch to a new gearbox. The grid drop follows on from the stoppage he suffered down pit lane during Friday's second practice session, though it is not yet clear if the gearbox was damaged in the incident. Vettel will lose five places from wherever he qualifies on saturday.

"Yeah we had an electrical problem, obviously that's part of the electrical bits on the car," he said. "We don't know yet entirely but we have to see, I'm sure we can fix it but first of all we have to understand what happened.

"It's a bit of a shame because we are lacking a couple of laps -- especially in the long run and race trim -- to see how competitive we are. But I think Kimi did homework for the team so not too bad. I think also here we know roughly what to expect so I think we can still learn a lot from what other people did."

"The feeling was alright, the balance wasn't yet where I want it to be but I think we can improve. Naturally I think the circuit should come our way. It was quite slippery this morning, I spun on the first two laps but I didn't spin this afternoon so that's already a massive improvement! I think we go from there. Obviously we are lacking a bit of information now on my side for the long run but I think other people did the homework and we can hopefully copy a bit."

This comes after Ferrari Spent the remainder of their 3 tokens to upgrade the engine to try and make ground on Mercedes. However Mercedes also used up 3 tokens on their engine with a bag of tokens left to use throughout 2016.

Ferrari will also fast track aero updates for the next round in Barcelona.

Source: GpUpdate, ESPNF1

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari