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Ferrari top FP2 but not counting their tyres before they race

Ferrari topped the second free practice session however Ferrari had a "tricky day" according to Kimi Raikkonen.

Raikkonen finished top of the time sheets for FP2, with Mercedes 0.237s adrift on the super-soft tyre. Raikkonen admits the team is still trying to get to grips with the medium and soft compounds.

"It's been quite a tricky day, "I don't know if it's the conditions or the wind or something but I was sliding a lot and obviously not feeling very nice. Once we put the supers-oft tyres on we have more grip from the tyres and that helps.

"For whatever reason we've been quite struggling apart from the super-soft tyre. Our car is nice but it's just the other tyres are very difficult to get any grip from. But I had a pretty OK lap and the long run on the super-soft was OK."

Mercedes tends to hold its game cards up their sleeves leaving their quickest engine modes for qualifying, they also set their laps earlier in the session when the track had less grip. Ferrari are encouraged by the pace of the SF16-H on Friday afternoon but Raikkonen is refusing to make any predictions.

Asked if Ferrari can look to take pole in Saturdays qualifying session, Raikkonen replied: "I don't know, we'll see how the weather turns out to be tomorrow and we'll try to make the maximum out of the race and see how we do."

Sebastian Vettel has been quite vocal over the last fortnight regarding qualifying and other issues surrounding F1 at the moment. He was asked about the future direction of the sport and he believes that greater equality amongst the teams is best.

"I think if there was more equality between the teams we would also have better racing, Obviously there's been a lot of talk about what to do, we've had the example of qualifying and now we're talking about race formats and new regulations.

“Equally, if we'd find a simple approach to allow all the teams to race very close to each other - I'm not saying all the cars should be the same because that would go against the nature and my understanding of Formula One - a smaller spread of the field would help us to race harder, race more.

Vettel believes the designed to make the cars have more downforce in 2017 will limit overtaking and bring the sport back to mid 2000’s when they changed the design to increase overtaking.

"Also, if we'd have cars that would allow us to race more, and by that I mean cars that we could follow closer than we can now - aerodynamics are a great thing, it gives you a great sensation with the cornering speeds we reach, but the way they are currently set it's very difficult to follow another car. These are a couple of fundamentals, but to have a simpler approach to Formula One, make it a bit more raw and wild, it would be great for us, the fans at the track and the people at home, and I'm talking about the cars and the sound."

The 2017 regulation are still to be announced however it will be within the next few weeks as Teams are wanting to start their designs.

Source: GPUpdate, ESPN F1

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari