• Adam Vella

Ferrari breathing down Mercedes necks

Toto Wolff says the team (Mercedes) has "zero room for error" even though it has had a strong start to the season due to Ferrari being right behind them.

Mercedes has won both the opening races in Australia and Bahrain but Wolff is not one bit confident about winning the title this year.

"With Ferrari increasingly breathing down our necks, as we saw in Bahrain, there is zero room for error," Wolff said. "Remaining energised is now more important than ever -- and we all have plenty to keep us on our toes in that respect. With just two races down and nineteen to go, I wouldn't say there is momentum on one side or the other.

"But what is clear -- and very exciting for the team and the sport -- is that we have two drivers high in confidence who will provide us with plenty of entertainment over the coming months."

"After two races, we find ourselves in a strong position. Our car has proven itself to be competitive in a range of conditions once again -- but also reliable even at this early stage, which is a tremendous achievement. But there is a long way to go and we have by no means been flawless in every area so far."

Ferrari have been working on their reliability over the last week making sure that they head into this weekend knowing they can fight with every tool they have available to them.

Source: GPupdate, ESPN

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari