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A loose wheel nut & Traffic

A wheel nut stopped Sebastian Vettel’s second free practice from completing his program. With only 15 minutes remaining his car came to a stop at turn 4 when he notices a loss of power. After an investigation, a loose wheel nut was confirmed to have been the problem.

"We don't know 100 per cent what happened," Vettel explained after the session. "I felt out of Turn 4 that I lost drive, so I decided to stop. Obviously we don't want to take a risk at this stage, damaging the car or the engine. "It's a shame because I would have loved to cover more laps, but that's what it is. "Obviously, it was incredibly important to do the mileage today and get the information on Friday. "But it's even more important to make sure that the car is in good conditions for the whole weekend and for the whole season."

Vettel place sixth overall 1.4s down on Merceredes, having failed to improve on his Super Soft tyre run after running wide at the final corner.

Kimi Raikkonen also went on to explain how he was stuck in traffic and could not improve on his time

"The super soft felt OK, but I had some traffic when they were new, I caught the same Williams twice. Apart from that they felt pretty OK.

"If you have a softer tyre they are normally a lot faster at least over one lap. The tyres are the same as last year, so it didn't suddenly change."

Kimi isn’t worried on looking at one lap times but is more focused on a concession of laps simulating a race stint.

"We do our own stuff but you guys are always looking at the lap times and you can choose [to think] whatever you want. We ran as we had planned and now we have to go through everything and see how was it. It worked pretty OK, we did plenty of laps and it wasn't too bad. The lap times are one thing but we'll see how it goes tomorrow."

Though it looks like Mercedes is in a strong position Raikkonen is only focusing on Saturday at this stage.

"We always try to do the best we can but where we're going to end up on Sunday I don't know. Hopefully we'll have a good, solid day tomorrow and then go from there."

Both drivers will pick up where they left off for Saturdays Third free practice session.

Source: GpUpdate, ESPN

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari