• Adam Vella

Vettel & Raikkonen Post Qualifying Comments

Sebastian Vettel said in his post qualifying interview that he was not surprised by how the Q3 went, as the engineers said months ago that this would happen.

"I don't see why everybody's surprised now. We all said what's going to happen, it happened so obviously we were told to wait and see but now we saw and I don't think it was very exciting. It was a bit crazy in the beginning with all the cars pushing and trying to do a lap before they get potentially kicked out so managing traffic... it's quite busy but for no reason because the time is there in the session to do it and in the end, also for the people in the grandstands, I don't feel it's the right way to go. There are no cars to watch."

When asked about his feeling for Sunday’s race he explained that he didn’t really feel the car until the third session but he is confident for a podium.

"In comparison to the Mercedes drivers we are a bit further behind than we expected, but we are happy with 3rd and 4th, especially for me as it was a bit difficult to find the rhythm in qualifying, he explained. "I felt quite good with the car in practice, but then it took some time to get back, and only in Q3 it really started to happen. "I had a very good lap, and in the end, because the gap was quite big, I felt that my first lap had been good enough. "There really wasn't another half a second in there, so we called it off, and saved a set of tyres, although surely we would have loved to be closer."

Kimi also went on to say in his interview that he was happy with his car and that he is no to worried with Mercedes pace.

"It was not the ideal qualifying, but not too bad either," he said. "The car feels pretty good, and even if the Mercedes are faster than us I don't think we should be too worried. "I was struggling a bit with the front tyres to get them working at the first three corners, but apart from that we had a very good package and it was getting better and better. "Maybe for us it would have been better to have warmer conditions."

Source: GpUpdate, ESPNF1

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari