• Adam Vella

Qualifying Fizz

The verdict is very clear, the new qualifying format is a fizz. It is almost as bad as the engine sound from 2014.

Team bosses such as Christian Horner and Toto Wolff have also criticised the new format as “rubbish”

"I'm the first person to say that we shouldn't talk the sport down but when the evidence is there before your eyes, you cannot shut them and deny reality," Wolff said. "The new format is pretty rubbish – much too complicated to follow and a damp squib at the end with nobody running. "These were the downsides that we expected to see – and they outweigh the upsides, that much is clear now. "We wanted to listen to the promoters who were calling for a change – but my personal opinion is that we have found the wrong solution and we need to think carefully about what we do next." Under the revised knockout system, drivers are eliminated from Q1, Q2 and Q3 at 90 second intervals after seven, six and five minutes respectively in each session. Christian Horner feels that F1 should “Apologise” to the F1 Fan community. "We should apologise to fans, as that's not what qualifying should be," Horner told Sky Sports. "The intentions were well meaning but we have to accept we got it wrong, accept it quickly, and we should go back to what we had in time for the next race, as what we had was not good for Formula 1. "You had Ferraris sitting in the garage as there was no point running again... "Qualifying should build up to a crescendo, everyone bolting on tyres and seeing what you've got, but that didn't happen... it's not achieved what the objective was and it's taken away the spectacle. "We got it wrong, but we have to accept it and change quickly. "The intention was to mix the grid up a bit and we have to hold up our hands and say we got it wrong. We gave it a go, it didn't work, let's sort it out in Bahrain."

Lewis Hamilton will start from Pole alongside him will be team mate Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen who make up the top 4.

Source: GpUpdate, ESPNF1