• Adam Vella

Vettel takes his third Win for Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has won the Singapore Grand Prix and says Ferrari can still push for the 2015 title following his third victory and the back foot Mercedes are now on regarding their engines. Vettel dominated the weekend at the Marina Bay with his pole on Saturday and his win to move to within 49 points of championship leader Lewis Hamilton, who retired from the race due to a loss of power. "Well, if we have more weekends like this, then yes," Vettel said when asked if he could still win the 2015 crown. "But all we have to do is look after ourselves, maximum attack; what they [Mercedes] do is not in our hands, we have a small chance, and maybe we can make the impossible possible. Vettel said that the pace of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo meant he wasn't able to take it easy to his 42nd career win, and fourth in Singapore. "We had a bit of a breather with the Safety Car but there was still lots of pressure from behind," he explained. "Daniel had a very good race. He looked after his tyres very well, which made it a bit tactical at the end of stints. In the second stint I was dictating the pace, and it's not so easy to overtake here, so I was using that. "[From there] I was chipping away and trying to control the gap, and fortunately that worked. It's a great day and a really great weekend."

As for Kimi Räikkönen he was suffering from severe tyre wear. Räikkönen held on to third at the start of the race, but was unable to match team-mate Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo. "Friday was fine, yesterday we struggled for some reason, so it was surprise to be third, and today was a struggle again," said Räikkönen. "We had enough speed to be in third place but I had no chance to do anything about the first two. "I could follow them at the beginning [of the stints] but then my tyres dropped off and just went, so it wasn't nice to have that kind of difficulty. "But when you have a bad few days and still finish in third it's pretty good, and also nice for the team, so hopefully we can repeat that."

Source: GpUpdate