• Adam Vella

Vettel sad to see Renault & Red Bull part ways

Sebastian Vettel has come out and said that he would be sad to see former team Red Bull part ways with Renault, as he believes that the success he enjoyed with the team is likely to be forgotten. Renault powered Vettel and Red Bull to four successive double world titles from 2010-2013, but the French manufacturer has struggled under the new V6 power unit era. After weeks of speculation Renault this week ruled itself out of continuing as an engine supplier meaning its only other options are to take over a team, or quit Formula 1 altogether. "Obviously it's sad to hear," said Vettel, now of Ferrari. "I was part of the majority of the partnership and we had very successful years, which unfortunately now gets forgotten very quickly because of the situation. "Renault has done a fantastic job in the past supplying us [Red Bull] with a strong engine and the latest technique that was required to be competitive in the blown exhaust era. "I think they were one of the best and most advanced. "There are a lot of things people forget, that Renault has achieved, so I hope they stay."

Ferrari is a likley contender to supply the Red Bull Team from 2016.

Source: GpUpdate