• Adam Vella

It all went wrong at the start

Kimi Räikkönen had engaged the same process as he had done for the past 10 years. However after qualifying on the front row of the Monza Gran Prix it all went wrong coming back from the warm up lap.. "I don't know exactly what happened at the start," said Räikkönen. "As far as I know I did everything correctly, but the car went into the anti-stall and did not move at all. I still don't have the right explanation about what happened, but it's a really bad thing that cost us a lot. "If you start from second place and, after a few seconds, you're in last position, it's not easy to see the positive side of the race: we wasted a big opportunity to fight at the front." Räikkönen had exceptional speed all weekend and had hope during the race that he could fight pack to a points finish. "Obviously I'm a bit disappointed, as we were hoping for a better result in our home race, but if we think that after the first hundred metres we were last it was still a good result," he said. "Overall we had a pretty good speed all weekend so in a way we have to be happy for what we have done because here we were expecting more difficulties. "I was surprised that we could get through some cars that are very fast on the straights, this shows that we are doing the right things, pushing the car in the right direction and improving in all areas."

Source: GpUpdate