• Adam Vella

Just the same as Winning

Sebastian Vettel has said after the Monza GP that his second place gave him the same feeling as if he had won the race.

"This is the best second place I have ever had," said Vettel.

On the green light Vettel and Hamilton got off the line cleanly but team mate Kimi Raikkonen was very slow and by the first corner was last. However he regained momentum and finished 5th.

Also there was talks that the Italian Gran Prix will be removed from the calendar after 2016 due to hosting fees. Bernie Ecclestone and track officials are still in negotiation and hope to have it resolved before the contact is due to renew.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel believes that Formula 1's heart would be "ripped out" if the Italian Grand Prix dropped off the calendar. "If we take this away from the calendar for any s****y money reason you are basically ripping our hearts out. The emotions here are incredible." said Vettel. "When you stand on that podium you feel incredibly proud to be among all the greats that have stood up there, and the sea of fans is unlike anything I've seen. "It's one of the best tracks in the world. It has to stay for moral reasons."

Source GpUpdate