• Adam Vella

Vettel still chasing answers

Sebastian Vettel has praised Pirelli for its "professional" response, but says he is still seeking answers in the longer term. While Vettel has been left encouraged by Pirelli's initial reaction, which involved a thorough investigation, he feels there is still work to be done before he is fully comfortable. "I think it is not acceptable to have a blow-up at that sort of speed out of the blue," he reiterated during Thursday's press conference ahead of the Italian Grand Prix. "The investigations which have been going on, the stuff that got analysed and got talked about, explains some of it, maybe not all of it, and they are still ongoing. "The most important thing is we continue to make progress. From Pirelli's side, it looks professional, they have handled it with extreme care, and it's going the right way." Vettel has welcomed the new camber and pressure limits set out by Pirelli for this weekend's event at Monza, but made clear that it should not be the only step. "To have a short term reaction, in a couple of days or weeks, is one thing, but in the long term we need to understand what happened," he explained. "I think we had a situation a couple of years ago which wasn't acceptable and there was an immediate change, and we didn't have any problems afterwards. "The professional approach works and leads you to the right result."

Source: GpUpdate