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eseries regulations



  • The season of racing will be raced on 9 preselected tracks from the 17th of April.

  • All drivers must be a Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide - Australia Member $85.00 as a minimum membership level (this must be formalised by the second round of the championship 15th of May 2020

  • A race round will consist of practice, qualifying and a race which will be held every fourth week on a Friday night for an 8:00pm start from the commencement of the first round.


  • All drivers are to be in the lobby 15 minutes prior to the commencement of practice (7:45pm).

Pre round Testing:

  • All drivers can test unlimited leading up to the next round of the Esports Championship.

Race Settings:

  • Practice will be 30 mins long, qualifying will be 18 mins long and race distance will be 25%.

  • Damage will be set to reduced. This will mean that damage can be sustained however it will not take you out of the race.

  • Weather will be set to dynamic (pre-determined by the game).

  • Parc Ferme rules will not be used in any events.

  • Assists (aids) will be altered by the host to accommodate all levels of gaming experience. Some assists (aids) will be turned off.

  • Corner cutting settings will be normal.

  • AI drivers will fill in untaken grid position and should a driver be unable to compete in an event, an AI driver will take the place of that driver. AI drivers will not receive any points unless they are filling in for a driver, where half the earned points will be awarded.

  • Formation laps will be used during all race events. This is just a lap from your grid box back to your grid box to allow drivers the opportunity to build temperatures to their own liking.

  • Race starts will be assisted, meaning that a clutch does not need to be used at the start of each race.

  • Collisions will be active with no ghosting.

  • ABS will be available.

  • Traction control can be set to a maximum aid of medium.

  • Racing line will be available.

  • Automatic gearbox will be available.

  • points awarded in game are not final and a separate leader board will be uploaded to (

  • Please allow 1.5 to 2 hours from the commencement of practice to the end of the race.

  • Players will use their “multiplayer car” which is created at the start of the game to ensure equality among players.


  • Should an incident occur while racing and you believe that it could be worth a penalty but the game has not awarded one, please use your consoles capture feature. This should record from 15 seconds prior to the incident and please send that to (

  • Alternatively, if you fell you were awarded a penalty by the game for a reason you believe wasn’t fair, you can appeal the penalty, once more using your consoles capture feature and please send it to (

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