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The Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide Karting Championship is an official karting event that is supported by Scuderia Ferrari Club Spa


The championship will consist of 2 groups of 10-12 drivers split in to weight categories. 

To register as a driver 
Click Here to join​

During the season there will be 3 Endurance Races where each driver will run with a Co-Driver. 
​Each round will finish with a full podium ceremony, which will include club trophies for each of the top three finishers, plus a Champagne celebration. Yes you get to spray the Champagne!
(at participating venues)

Professional drivers always refer to their karting days as pure racing no matter your skill level, you will feel the purity of what motor racing is all about as the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy states

“the road to Formula One starts with karting

Scuderia Ferrari Club Adelaide has provided you with every chance to feel like a champion! now it is up to you to become a champion!
If you want to Live Your Ferrari Passion here is your chance


Karting Championship Hall of Fame

2020 Daniel Bowden - heavy class

2020 Dylan Richter - Light class

2019 Armando paradeso - heavy class

2019 Chris Larocca - Light class

2018 Sam Boras

2017 Ashely Berbec

2016 Giancarlo Rescignano

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